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“When the fog clears…”

August 18th, 2020

“When the fog clears…

When you’re up this high, the morning fog takes over. Each morning the sun peeks thru the clouds and fog, or barely. As the clouds move, the last views of the moon fade slowly as the sun protrudes it’s way through to start the day. In the beginning the valley view is not available, but as the morning progresses the view begins to become clearer. The fog clears and allows you to see what’s in store for the day, or what could possibly be in store.

Much like life, sometimes the fog is so thick that we cannot see what is directly in front of us. It takes some time for the fog to clear allowing us to have a clearer vision of what the ultimate goal is. As the clouds move throughout the sky, the sun peeks through the gaps giving us hope for a bright and sunny day. But we know not of the storms that may come as the clouds move through the skies. How do we prepare when we don’t know what to prepare for?

When you have life’s essentials, you’ll always be prepared. Whatever “life’s essentials” means for you, you should be able to face any obstacle that comes your way. You may not have all of the tools to overcome it, but having the essentials (basics) will take you through any and every thing. In any foggy situation always remember that the fog will clear in time, practice patience. We often want things on demand but not all things are effective if we are not prepared properly to receive them. We have to start with the basics in order to prepare for the more advanced.

When the fog begins to clear, different paths will begin to be revealed. From afar, they may all look promising but don’t be so naive. We’ll never know what a path truly holds until we walk through the gate and embark on that journey. Remember to always come prepared with your essentials and means of protection. As you go through this journey, keep an open mind and be willing to listen to learn rather listen to respond. The greatest achievers made it by listening to learn and understand in order to continue on each path they followed. Your success is up to you. 

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