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“Behavioral Analysis”

August 21, 2020

Behavioral Analysis

We never really get to see a person in full spectrum because we do not spend every minute in a day with them. We get to see people for who they are during a certain time of day and that doesn’t always show all of who one is. Not until we are sharing the same living quarters day in and day out will we truly know someone a little more intimately. When doing this, sharing a living quarters, we have to be a little open minded from the sense of working together to make a living situation as easy as possible for everyone. In this, we must practice listening to understand and not listening to respond. We have to be mindful that this is not just “my house” for the duration of the stay. Although we have to take care of our respective families in the midst of ensuring all families are able to mesh well, remember to be authentic in everything you do. There shouldn’t be a competition between families or a “publicly viewed family” persona, be you but be respectful. Let loose and have fun with whom you’re surrounded by, but don’t push buttons and don’t be ignorant. Be confident that the group of people you are with are also being mindful and protective of your family along with their own respective family. It’s okay to let your family mingle with others and just be a combined family for a few days, everyone needs to let their hair down at some point…even the children. Be able to include yourself in group settings and not be so isolated from the group. Being around other families can be very mentally beneficial in different ways. It will give you a different perspective on life in general and may give you some insight on how to handle certain situations within your own family. Let people be who they are and keep a positive outlook on everything. Share your stories and be able to let your friends be your outlet but be open minded to the responses you may get in return. Don’t take everything so personal and let the views of others have a positive impact rather than negative. Take the good and the bad from every situation and conversation and allow the positive to override the negative in everything. Open your family’s mind to sharing with everyone. Everything doesn’t have to be “mine” or “our’s”. Everything is for the entire household, that’s how we learn to live as one instead of as roommates. This is how you teach and create family values and bonds between families. Blood doesn’t always constitute “family”. Everyone should do their part to keep the house going. If you need a moment away from the group, it’s perfectly fine. Remove yourself for a little while and come back ready to mingle. Observing behaviors reveals so much that we don’t even realize. 

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