April 11, 2019

Hopefully me sharing this story will encourage change for someone reading…

On April 1, 2018, my entire life flashed before my eyes. I was involved in a vehicle/pedestrian accident where the situation escalated and I could have either lost my life or been arrested and received some serious charges. I had been out enjoying #SundayFunday in the city with my best friends & others. After a day of drinking the way I did that day, I had no business behind the steering wheel. 

To keep this short enough to relay my message, don’t wait until it’s too late to try and make a change. I’m not saying do not go out and have fun, because lord knows I do. While having fun, be more mindful of you consumption and factor in your travel plans to and from wherever. Even if you may travel alone or party alone, remember that you have to be aware of your surroundings and if you’re not, you could lose your life or take someone else’s. 

This is something that nobody knew about for a long time, one reason why I fell off the scene so suddenly. I had to take time to evaluate myself, my life & the direction I was going in. I was without a phone for almost a week being that it was stolen by the person(s) that assaulted me that night. During that time away from everything & everybody, I had time to actually think, relax & get my mind together. 

I have to truly thank several people who came to be by my side at my home & in the Emergency Room on that night & those who reached out or came to visit during my recovery time. It was a scary night for all of us and the love that was shown was nothing but real. 





Today, I can happily say that I have grown significantly from that night and it’s noticed by everyone around me. Change is coming but it starts within YOU! 

For anyone struggling with an addiction, the struggle is not over but you will overcome! ✊🏽

This message is from the heart of me, James Wilson, to many of you known as Semaj Brandon. 

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