Bus pulls out at 9am, as scheduled. As we begin to pull off, a young lady runs to the front of the bus to ask the bus driver to wait for her boyfriend that’s running up to the bus, driver says “Can’t stop, we have to stay on schedule”. 

Get on BW Parkway & the boyfriend is running BESIDE the bus, in morning rush hour traffic. The man probably ran beside the bus for a half a mile, begging to be let on the bus. The girlfriend (who is on the bus) comes back to the driver begging & pleading. Half of the bus says let boyfriend on, other half of the bus says boyfriend is crazy & what y’all gonna do when the driver loses HIS job?” (Guess what side I’m on 🤔). 

Homegirl beside me is telling someone I’m the phone about it. I over hear her said “Yeah, they are”. ALL I NEEDED TO HEAR to know WHAT she was talking about, I bust out laughing & homegirl says on her phone “*laughing* I’ll tell you in a minute. You’re loud, I think the guy next to me hear you”. All I could do was continue to laugh. I told her “I didn’t her the person on the phone but I KNOW what they said to get that response”. 🤣😂 

It’s always an experience with MegaBus, if this weren’t a last minute change in travel plans I’d be right on Amtrak next to the Cafe car. OH! I paid for a reserved seat & we don’t even get a greyhound style (double decker) bus. We get a fxckn Chariot Charter bus. 🤦🏽‍♂️ Employee told me to call customer service & get a refund, it’s $3. I think I can pass on the refund since I got some entertainment, huh? 🤣😭

OH! And no…the driver did his job & did not let the boyfriend on the bus in the MIDDLE OF THE PARKWAY DURING RUSH HOUR TRAFFIC! ✊🏽


This is the young lady next to me’s page/blog (http://foodreigns.co.uk/). Lives in Europe, born & raised but has Jamaican background. We connected instantly after that phone call. She’s into writing, food & fashion. Anything creative. I done made a new friend that lives abroad, lol.

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