This is not your traditional story book where the story goes from beginning to end and its done. “Bleedings of My Pen” started way before the title was even thought of, it is a compilation of pieces written by Blog-Author James Wilson, known to many of his peers and associates as Semaj Brandon. At a young age, James began writing as an outlet for his emotions during his school years while coping with the divorce of his parents, amongst other childhood obstacles. Many of these pieces have never been read by anyone other than Semaj, while other pieces have been shared through his social media outlets throughout the years.

Semaj’s story is not an uncommon one, in fact, he believes that everyone deals with the same situations in life, just in very different ways. By releasing his emotions through his writings instead of acting out in school or at home, as he grew older, he found that writing is part of what kept his journey on a path of progression. Writing is one of his many “therapy” sessions. Sharing his random, unfiltered, undiluted, sometimes harsh, yet TRUEST thoughts through social media and everyday conversation, Semaj is known to be a well respected friend, family member and member of his communities. 

If you prefer a blog or book written in the Queen’s English, this is not the blog or book for you. Though well educated, Semaj does not feel it is appropriate or fitting to portray his life in such manner. After all, his life isn’t “grammatically correct” so why mask or dilute the expression of his truest feelings with words not of his own in moments of emotion.

While reading his written expressions, take a moment to place yourself in his shoes and mind. Reading is fundamental, but connecting with the writer is what makes the reading that much more fulfilling. Tap into your inner child, your parental instinct, your daily average Joe striving to make a difference in his life as well as others. See how you relate to Semaj’s life experience and take from his written expressions a sense of “This too WILL pass” and “I Will Conquer All Things”.

Keep in mind, the date of each piece may be in chronological order, but the written expression may be from dates prior or an expression for the future. Some pieces were written at later dates, some were started on day 1, but didn’t continue or weren’t completed until weeks later. Don’t forget your bookmarks!



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